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Creative Ventures

Hands-on Fun: Kids enjoy learning how to make their own lava lamp.

Kids cheer with excitement and wonder as smoke pours out of a tall bottle, filling the room. Two guys wearing tye-dye shirts and lab coats are performing science experiments in a classroom at an Odessa school. As the now-empty bottle is passed around the room for kids to examine, teachers Kurt and Slavic explain the science behind the impressive display. This is the big finale of a science show by Laboratory Wow, a small business recently started by TEAM missionary Kurt zurBurg. Laboratory Wow performs entertaining science shows for kids at schools and also for family birthday parties at homes and cafes. They also are starting hands-on workshops for kids and hope to do shows in the future for businesses that want a fun break during corporate events.

Kurt’s fellow teacher and business partner, Slavic, owns a small pet store. Slavic was an atheist when Kurt met him more than five years ago, but he has recently come to the Lord. “Over the years, I have been able to see God miraculously open him up to following Jesus,” Kurt said. “The process has been awesome!” Kurt is helping Slavic deal with difficult situations in the business world, which is full of corrupt behavior such as bribery, poor work quality, and greed. Laboratory Wow applies Biblical principles to its work ethic, trying to set a better example in the business world. “As Slavic and I work together, the Lord opens up tons of opportunities for Slavic to grow in his walk with the Lord and see how this walk practically applies to everyday business decisions,” Kurt said. Laboratory Wow models generosity by using 20 percent of its profits to do free science shows for kids in orphanages, at church outreach events, and other ways that bless people in need in the community.

Laboratory Wow also provides Kurt and Slavic the chance to talk about their faith with their business contacts.  Kurt recently shared what it means to know God with one man who was helping him check on some lab equipment. The man invited Kurt back to his home where they spent a few hours talking together. Slavic and Kurt also have regular contact with a husband and wife business team who are not believers but who are very open to talking about the Lord. As Laboratory Wow grows, Kurt and Slavic hope for more interactions like these and more opportunities to reach their community with this creative new venture.

-Written by Kurt zurBurg
-Photos provided by Kurt zurBurg

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