Our goal is to ignite and encourage passionate followers of Jesus that impact all layers of society from family, to friends, to neighbors, to work, to schools, to communities, for the glory of God.

TEAM Ukraine seeks to bring the life of Jesus Christ to the people of Ukraine by following Jesus while embedded deeply within society. We seek to spread the life of Christ by living and sharing His life at all levels of society as God opens doors. Our emphasis is on being and making disciples who are making disciples who love God with all of our lives, and to love our neighbors with all the strength and compassion that God gives, while Jesus grows His church here in Ukraine.

We work in teams, because the church is a team. We’re dependent on prayer, because everything depends on the work of God in the lives of people. We work in the community, because we are the salt and light of the community bringing the presence of the kingdom of God into dark places. We seek to partner with all believers from various denominational backgrounds with an emphasis on knowing and following Jesus as He reveals Himself both in the Bible and daily encounters of our lives.

Vision Statement

To be passionate followers of Jesus that impact all layers of society.

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TEAM missions coaches are available to answer your questions about becoming a missionary and help you find a place to serve.

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